2023 Conference Communication Council

Published January 10, 2023 by Brenda Kauffman in Uncategorized

The PNMC 2023 Conference Communication Council will be held on Saturday, February 4, 8:30am—12:30pm (Pacific) on Zoom. In addition to our PNMC board, staff, district pastors, team chairpersons and representatives from PNMC related organizations, we ask for representation from each of our member congregations and church plants and invite all who wish to take part to attend! Registration information is available at pnmc.org.

Malinda Berry, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and Ethics at AMBS has agreed to join us and offer input on the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and nurturing empathic connections within our interpersonal relationships and the communities we are part of. I believe you will find in Malinda an insightful, passionate teacher who can offer us helpful. practical tools to further develop our Anabaptist commitment to peace and justice building.

I have personally found the NVC model to be a beneficial one in my relationships and in the various ministry settings where I have served. It resonates with Jesus’ call to love our neighbor as our own self, and it is a helpful tool for building up the body of Christ,

particularly when we are faced with difficult challenges and disagreements. I encourage you to join us in this important morning of connecting and learning!

–Eric Massanari, Executive Conference Minister

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