thunderbird_falls_baseAlaska called us – Does it call you?

We are a small, vibrant congregation in Anchorage, seeking a half time pastor to join us living and working in Alaska’s biggest city. Together with a Mennonite house church in Fairbanks, we are the Anabaptist voice in Alaska. Our Service Adventure Unit is at the heart of our common life. Each year we support four to six bridge-year teens and a leader in all aspects of their year in Anchorage. Volunteering with Children’s Lunchbox, Downtown Soup Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, the Bureau of Land Management and similar organizations, SA helps anchor us in our community. We embrace our role as an Alaskan Roadhouse church for Mennonites and other believers passing through for a season or longer, and for those who decide to make Alaska home.

We look forward to telling you more about why we love it here, what God is teaching us about life together, what pastors have done as their other half-time employment and the joys and challenges of living in this far and majestic corner of the United States. Christ’s peace to you.

Contact: Betsy Baker, baker3b@mac.com.