Registration for CCC 2020 — “Gaining Intercultural Competency”

Conference Communication Council meeting will be held at Portland Mennonite Church on February 1, 2020 from 9 AM – 5 PM. All congregations are encouraged to send a pastor and a lay leader. Additional persons who are interested in the topic are also welcome to attend if space is available.

Michelle Armster and Karin Kauffman Wall from MCC Central States, will lead us in learning about intercultural competency. We want to be a diverse church, we want to build bridges across cultural divides in our communities, but where do we start? Once we’ve started, how do we go deeper?

There will not be a video link to this year’s gathering. We hope that all of our congregations can be represented, in person, as we talk about racism and intercultural diversity. Because it is important for everyone to have a seat at the table, financial assistance is available if travel expenses create a financial hardship. Please contact Barb Buxman at or (503) 522-5324 for more information

This annual gathering is an opportunity to fellowship with old friends, meet pastors who are new to our conference and to learn about new ventures in PNMC. We are eager to connect with you! Join us and share what is going on in your congregations and your local community!
A Conference Communication Council shall be organized to serve PNMC as follows:

a. Serve as a regular forum for communication, discerning and advising the Board, the Member Congregations and their delegates and PNMC on issues confronting each of them serves as a regular forum for communication, discerning and advising the Board, the Member Congregations and their delegates and PNMC on issues confronting each of them relative to faith and life.
b. Engage and promote dialogue between congregations, CIHAN and Mennonite-related organizations within the geographic area of the conference.
c. Voice collective aspirations and concerns to conference leadership.
d. Provide opportunity for communication between and among PNMC Board and staff, and teams and committees.
e. Provide counsel to the Board on the admission or termination of a Member Congregation of PNMC.

The membership of the Conference Communication Council shall be comprised as follows:

a. PNMC Board of Directors
b. Executive Conference Minister
c. Conference Ministers and/or District Pastors
d. Committee/Team Chairs
e. One lay member from each Member Congregation (preferably a delegate)
f. One pastor from each Member Congregation (or additional lay member if no pastor is available)
g. Congregations are encouraged to consider gender/age/racial/ethnic diversity in appointing their Communication Council members.
h. Up to two (2) representatives appointed by each of the related organizations of PNMC, as determined by the Board from time to time.
i. All designees to the Conference Communication Council shall be members in good standing of a Member Congregation of PNMC.


a. The Executive Conference Minister of PNMC shall preside at all meetings of the Conference Communication Council. If the Executive Conference Minister is unavailable then the leadership shall be provided by such other person as the Conference Communication Council may determine from time to time.
b. Regular meetings of the Conference Communication Council shall be held at least once a year and/or at such other times as determined by the Conference Communication Council.
c. The Conference Communication Council may be called for regular meetings by the Executive Conference Minister on thirty (30) days notice to each member, either personally by U.S. mail, email, or other electronic communication. Addresses for notice shall be those last on file with the Executive Conference Minister. The Executive Conference Minister may call special meetings in a like manner on like notice, and also by written request of a majority of the members of the Conference Communication Council.