PNMC Board Supports CIHAN Recommendations on Immigration

Published April 15, 2017 by Brenda Kauffman in Uncategorized

At the April 7-8 meeting, the PNMC Board confirmed its support of the CIHAN recommendation for action from the CIHAN Commission on Immigration Matters.  The Board encourages PNMC congregations to support and participate in these actions which include:

The Commission on Immigration Matters! for the Council of Hispanic Anabaptist Churches of the Northwest (CIHAN) first recognizes that, facing the political changes in the country, neither our churches nor our institutions can offer legal solutions for our immigrant families, but we urge these actions in our churches to prepare and defend our families facing the threat of mass deportations. 

  1. Prayer: Together, let us cry out to GOD to give strength to His people, that we do not give ground to fear and desperation.
  1. Declaration:  Let us confess our need to one another in the church so we can support each other openly and in solidarity.
  1. Preparation:  Let us encourage and help families to get documents that may keep families together: passports for their children—American-born or foreign-born — and to designate temporary guardians for the care of their children in case of parents´ absence.   We can look for resources to help those in need.
  1. Organization:  Let us organize church networks of first responders for aiding our families in the moment of emergency with: childcare, transportation, information on attorneys and how to contact a loved one who has been detained, etc. Let us organize information sessions to provide our families with critical information and contacts.

For PDF copies of the document, follow the links below:

Recommendations for Action (English)    OR    Recomendaciones para acción(Español)


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